Bringing repair to every community

Why repair?

Repair has so many benefits for individuals, communities and the whole planet.

Men doing electrical repairs

Who are we?

A network of voluntary, community based repair groups and networks. This includes Repair Cafes, Restart Parties, Share & Repair, etc.

Our mission is to strengthen and support grassroots repair in the UK.

A group of people at a Restart Party

How to find a group
near you?

If you would like to connect with the Network, please get in touch with your closest group or initiative. We are always interested in sharing resources and knowledge, helping new groups to establish and meeting more existing community repair groups.

Man showing how to darn

Get involved in changing the system

Women repairing

We are involved in the global movement calling for The Right to Repair. The goal is to ensure that everyone has the right to fix the products they own. It aims to change regulations on how our devices are made in the first place, to make them easy and affordable to repair, as well as to expand our rights after purchase.