Student Repair Revolution

Be Part of the Student Repair Revolution!

Students across the UK are taking action to reduce waste, lower greenhouse gas emissions and save money by giving their stuff a new lease of life. Do you want to be part of the student repair revolution?

The Community Repair Network is working with university groups up and down the country to help them set up repair initiatives. We’re inspired by the creativity, dynamism and innovation of young people in the environmental movement and we want to give students and staff the support they need to make repair a priority in their universities.

We want to help people set up the events that work for them in their university and wider community. From tech amnesties, workshops, repair parties to whatever unique repair projects students and staff have in mind we want to help students embrace the creativity, joy and curiosity of repair.

Similarly to the movement to slow down consumption of fast fashion by repairing and reusing clothes, we want to spark the same awareness amongst young people around e-waste, and help support students to be empowered and engaged in the repair movement.

We hope to:

  • Create more awareness about e-waste, and help young people to keep their devices in use for longer.
  • Enable students to have access to repair knowledge and repair communities on their campuses.
  • Encourage creativity and innovation in repair formats.
  • Increase students’ confidence to safely repair their electronics.

You don’t need to be a repair wiz to set up a repair initiative – in fact you don’t need to have any experience of repair at all. You just need to be curious to learn more and committed to reducing your consumption of new electronics. Repair initiatives enable you to learn new skills, meet people who are also interested in building their repair skills, and develop a new relationship with your tech. 

We’re running this project alongside The Restart Project, with funding from Hubbub and Virgin Media O2’s Time After Time E-Waste fund. Alongside our partners, we hop to amplify awareness of e-waste and make repair and repair skills more accessible to students.

Bringing your tech back to life costs less than you think
Fix it don't ditch it
Fix your tech. Fight for our future

How we can help

Below we have some resources that we hope will be a helpful entry point into what setting up a repair group or event might look like. Please also reach out to our student engagement coordinator at to talk about any ideas you might have, get email updates and tailored support for your group. This project has only been up and running since June 2023 so we’re open to any ideas you have on what resources might be helpful, please use the email address above if you have any questions or thoughts on the project!

Download our resource pack

Are you interested and want to learn more? We’ve put together a resource pack with some general advice on setting up a repair initiative

Social media graphics

Our google drive filled with some graphics that could be helpful in advertising and campaigning

We can help!

Need a hand getting started or want a chat about how to bring the Student Repair Revolution to your uni? Get in touch with Pascale at:

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