A network of voluntary, community-based repair groups and networks.

About us

The Community Repair Network emerged from conversations at Fixfest UK 2020 and started as an informal dialogue between various repair groups and local networks during the pandemic.

We realised it’s not always easy for these groups to be in touch across the country, but given the chance to connect, together we may be able to raise the profile of repair, share and learn from each other, support local efforts and have more impact. Since our first gathering in late 2020, we have met online on a (mostly) monthly basis.

Who are we?

We are a network of voluntary, community based repair groups and networks. This includes Repair Cafes, Restart Parties, Share & Repair, etc. Most of us are leading groups or networks in our respective regions of the UK, providing formal or informal support to other community repair groups in our areas. So far, we the network has evolved organically and we do not yet have a formal process for others interested in joining. But we do plan to open up the network soon. In the meantime, you are welcome to contact any current members to learn more.

Our mission is to strengthen and support grassroots repair in the UK.

What does that entail?

  • Sharing knowledge and resources
  • Connecting existing groups and people who want to start their own
  • Coming together as a cohesive voice to champion repair

On this website you will find information written by our network about our work. This website is a work-in-progress and we will continue to update it with information about running community repair events. By working together we have discovered there is no single set of rules on how to take part in community repair – and this is our strength!

If you’re visiting because you want to start a repair group in your community, we will soon be updating the site with information specifically for you. In the meantime please contact your nearest repair group or initiative you think would suit your community for support.

If you are an existing group and would like to connect with the Network please do also get in touch with your closest group or initiative. We are always interested in sharing resources and knowledge and meeting more community repair groups.

And if you represent a network of community repair groups in the UK, or are already involved in a local group that supports other communities too, you are welcome to join our email list! You can sign up here.


Get involved in changing the system

Women repairing

We are involved in the global movement calling for The Right to Repair. The goal is to ensure that everyone has the right to fix the products they own. It aims to change regulations on how our devices are made in the first place, to make them easy and affordable to repair, as well as to expand our rights after purchase.